December 13th, 2013

Lots of people have debt. Lots of people also don’t know how to best pay off that debt. I’m working on a webapp which tells you exactly how to pay your debts off, in what order, with how much money, and when you should do so.

Check out the working prototype

Some features include:

  • Local Storage: All of your info is stored locally to your device.
  • Extra payments: Want to pay your debt down even faster? Enter in some extra money and see how much faster you can pay your debts off.
  • It’s printable: It even prints out checkboxes next to each loan for you to check them off as they’re paid.
  • Monthly or Daily compounding interest

I plan on writing a more in-depth post about the behind the scenes stuff soon. But to put it short: I spent a solid weekend putting this together, learned backbone.js, and got my front end skills back to where they were a year ago. Fun times!

Since this thing is only a prototype, I’m more than happy to hear any feedback on it. I plan on putting this tool on its own domain soon, I just need to find a good name for it!

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