How to Always Be Right About Anything

December 22nd, 2014

The world is a mess of conflicting beliefs. As a result, it can be a challenge to navigate this dangerous terrain without putting at risk your deepest held beliefs about politics, religion, culture, the nature of reality, and so on.

What I offer is some advice on how to stay firm in your beliefs when facing other people in the world we, for better or worse, all share.

Find a like-minded group

Associate with other people who hold to the same set of beliefs as you do. This leads to an overall better quality of life for all involved and a strong foundation for future generations born into the group.

Reinforce your beliefs

When something happens in the world, interpret the facts in such a way as to further support your previously held views of the world around you. Ignore conflicting evidence, or, better yet, reframe the story into being unbelievable or worthy of question.

Be offended

Offense is a strong emotion and should be used whenever possible when dealing with people who argue against you and your beliefs from a critical view. It’s not your fault they don’t understand your position.

No two arguments are the same

When someone twists your own argument by replacing your situation with a different one, they are trying to deceive you. Do not let them dazzle you with illusory references to changed or flipped circumstances.

Take constructive advice lightly

If someone gives you critical advice, do not take that information to heart. They may think they know your personal disposition, but they can’t experience life from your point of view and as such have no business telling you what you ought to believe or how to do things.

Faith solves all woes

Faith is a virtue—use it as such. When conflict arises and your beliefs are put into question, your faith will always be there to dissolve any tension. We can’t know everything, but faith will always offer us the comfort to know that everything will be good in the end.

Never question core beliefs

Never, ever, question your deepest held beliefs about the world around you. These core truths are what ground you in reality and what you know to be true. To question them could put at risk everything you know to be true as a result. Bad things will happen.

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