A New Beginning

November 21st, 2012

My old site, while great in its own right, absolutely killed my desire to write. This new site is an attempt to fix that.

I created the concepts for my previous site’s iteration while still in college. My time back then was a lot more open, and I had this great idea for doing art directed posts in the style of Jason Santa Maria, Frank Chimero, and Gregory Wood. To summarize my experience in doing this: Unless you have a ridiculous amount of free time on your hands, avoid doing this sort of thing at all costs!

Blogs are for writing stuff

I always have a lot going on inside my mind, and since college I have wanted a proper place to put my thoughts. I had hoped my previous site would work for that, but the art direction and my perfectionist attitude killed my desire to write.

Each post became harder and harder to write as I tried to fit it to work within a design and top the last article. Along with that, some of what I wanted to write was pretty technical and boring, and adding pretty pictures to those sorts of things seems to do more harm than good. Oh well.

Minty freshness

This new site is actually part of something bigger. I’ve been slowly developing a WordPres theme for the past six months, and this site is running on a customized version of it.

This theme, which I have titled Introspect, is something I’m really proud of, and I hope to finish it off soon and begin to sell it as a premium WordPress theme. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time researching how to do type and layout in the absolute best way possible for the web, tablet, and mobile experience, and what you’re seeing right now is a glimpse at the final product.


It is only thanks to the amazing talent and experience of others that I know anything at all. For those that inspired me, I want to thank each of you. I am by no means an expert in anything, but every little bit of good stuff I create is a reflection of past awesomeness by people much cooler than myself. Below is a list of people and sites that inspired me to, at the very least, attempt to achieve excellence in everything I do.

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